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Menstrual cup cons: 5 things you need to know about menstrual cups

Despite the fact that the use of a menstrual cup has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks. These disadvantages sometimes make women hesitant to purchase a menstrual cup. What are the disadvantages of the menstrual cup exactly? We have listed them for you below.

1. Bigger than a tampon

Many women find the size of menstrual cups a bit daunting.. especially when compared to a medium size tampon.

It is indeed true that a menstrual cup – when unfolded – is larger than a tampon. But because the cup folds before you insert it, it is not much bigger than a tampon:

There are many different folding techniques that you can use. Use the fold that works best foryou. The cup unfolds inside your vagina and once that is done, you won't feel it.

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Women who normally don't use tampons or are a virgin, may be extra wary of using a menstrual cup. We will provide you with some tips to make the use of a menstrual cup easier.

2. Insertion and removal takes practice

The use of the menstrual cup has a so-called learning curve: hardly anyone will do it perfectly the first (few) times. Many women have insertion and removal mastered after about three periods.

The biggest problem is that some women are tense when they try to insert the cup the first few times. If your pelvic floor muscles are tightened, it is impossible to insert or remove your cup properly.

Do you have trouble inserting or removing your cup? Some tips:

  • Choose a soft cup that does not hurt when inserting or removing.
  • Read the instructions well through.
  • Use a folding technique that you find pleasant.
  • Relax! Tense pelvic floor muscles make it more difficult, and you don't want that.
  • If needed,you can do use a little water based lubricant when inserting the cup.
  • Do you have trouble with removing the cup? Make sure you've broken the vacuum seal by squeezing the bottom of the cup. Can't quite reach the bottom? Then push with you pelvic floor muscles (as if you're on the toilet) and gently wiggle your cup down with the stem. Now break the vacuum.
  • Still unable to remove the cup? Do something relaxing or take a hot shower and try again later. Do not panic, the cup can not get lost!

3. Cleaning

The big advantage of menstrual cups is that they are sustainable. You can reuse your cup again and again, which is very good for the environment. The consequence of this is that you have to clean the cup yourself. You might not look forward to this, however, cleaning your menstrual cup is a piece of cake!

You simply throw the contents of your cup into the toilet and you rinse your cup in the sink. Done! You don't have to be afraid of a bloodbath on the floor or on your hands, if you remove the cup carefully and keep it upright.

But what if there is no sink, like in a public toilet? In that case, it is sufficient to wipe your cup with a toilet paper or damp cloth. At home you wash it again with water. Washing the cup with water has to be done a  minimum of once every 24 hours.

By the way, you can also take a bottle of water with you and rinse the cup with that. Make sure you always use clean drinking water, also when travelling.

4. A menstrual cup is more expensive than a box of tampons

The purchase of a menstrual cup is indeed more expensive than sanitary pads or tampons. The big advantage, however, is that you use a menstrual cup for years.

In the long run, you will save a lot of money by using a menstrual cup. And you are also kind to the environment.


5. Difficult to determine your size

There are different sizes of menstrual cups. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which size is right for you.

Many companies make a distinguish between cups for women who have given birth and women who have never given birth. However, this is a bit short sighted and not always a reliable way to determine the right size cup. Everyone's body is different. Often it is simply a matter of trying which size is most suitable for you.

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