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Hi! Thank you for taking a look at the Practicups website. Like us, you are probably concerned with sustainability and health. You can make your life more sustainable in many different ways (food, living), but how nice is it if you can also do something good for your body? 

A menstrual cup is interesting in terms of both pollution (think of tampons + the plastic they are wrapped in) and in terms of health. Looking for the most comfortable menstrual cup, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a super flexible cup in two sizes: Practicups.

The search for the perfect cup is not easy, and it is different for everyone. This depends on both the height of your cervix, your build, age, the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and whether you have children. Although Practicups are comfortable, work and do not leak for many people, a firmer cup or a cup with a different shape may suit your body better. The switch to a menstrual cup therefore takes some testing time. But trust me, as soon as you found your cup have, you go never going back to tampons

We hope to inform as many people as possible about the use of sustainable menstrual products.

On this website you will therefore not only find information about menstrual cups, but also about, for example menstrual underwear and health topics. 

You can always reach us by email for questions where you cannot find the answer on the website.


Below are a few of our arguments for never using anything other than menstrual cups:

  • Practiceups are flexible and soft. This makes them extra comfortable. You don't feel the cup!
  • No chemicals in your body. Practicups are made of medical silicone and BPA free.
  • You can leave Practicups in for up to 12 hours, which is extra nice on, for example, the light days of your period.
  • You see blood you lose and that may not sound very fresh, but this is your body and it is important to be able to monitor your period. 
  • No waste. Practice sessions last for years (and therefore much cheaper!).
  • Never stress whether you still have a tampon in your bag. You throw practicalups in your handbag/backpack and you always have them with you.

Do you have questions about menstrual cups or do you want to work with us? Let's connect!



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