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The menstrual cup has been around since the 1930s, but it has never become very popular. Until now! We live in a time where sustainability is playing an increasingly important role, as well as equality.

Topics such as menstrual poverty, environmental pollution and human rights ensure that we keep moving forward and start a conversation. As a result, we are also increasingly talking about healthier and better alternatives for our bodies.

It might take some courage to try a cup... Isn't it awkward? Will it not be messy and is it hygienic? But after some practice, most people never switch back to their previous menstrual product!

Once we were convinced of the menstrual cup, we started looking for a soft cup that is easy to insert and that you do not feel whilst wearing. That turned out to be more difficult than expected and that's how Practicups was born!

Practicups menstrual cups are made of 100% medical grade silicone. As a result, they maintain the biological balance of the vagina. Because the material is very soft and flexible, you don't feel the cup when wearing it. In addition, you can sleep, exercise and swim without any problems.

Practicups menstruatiecups

Below are a few of our arguments to never use anything other than menstrual cups again:

  • Practicups  are flexible and soft. This makes them extra comfortable. You don't feel the cup!
  • No chemicals in your body. Practicups are made of medical grade silicone and BPA free.
  • You can leave Practicups in for up to 12 hours, which is extra comfortable on the light days of your period.
  • You see the blood you lose and that may not sound like a pro, but it is! This is your body and it is important to be able to monitor your period.
  • No waste. Practicups last for years (and are therefore much cheaper!).
  • Never stress whether you still have a tampon in your bag. You throw Practicups in your handbag and always have them with you.

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