Practicups user manual in Dutch

Practicals user manual in Dutch.

1. Choose your size

Practicups gives you the choice of two sizes of menstrual cups.

practicups gebruiksaanwijzing

It mainly depends on the intensity of your period which cup is best for you. The diameter of the two cups differs very little. Therefore, unless there are gynecological issues (such as uterine prolapses), most women will fit both sizes.

2. Sterilize

It is important to use your menstrual cup before first use and after each period sterilize to kill all unwanted bacteria. You do this by boiling the cup for 5-10 minutes in a pan with water. Make sure the cup is completely submerged. Make sure that the cup does not touch the bottom of the pan, for example by hanging it in a whisk.

Practicups gebruiksaanwijzing

3. Wash your hands

Always wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds before inserting the menstrual cup.

4. Fold

Fold the cup into a C-shape and hold this shape to insert the cup. Most women find this fold the most comfortable, but you can too other options trying out. After all, every body is unique.

5. Insertion

Hold the cup firmly in the chosen shape. With your other hand, hold your labia apart. Insert the cup into your vagina until it is fully and comfortably inserted. The cup will be on a different height linger depending on the person and the course of your period. Release the cup so that it pops open and creates a vacuum. This keeps the cup in place and prevents leaks.

6. Check

Check the bottom of the cup with your fingers to make sure it's fully open. If it is still folded, hold the cup by the base and twist it slightly until you notice it opening and sucking. Use the cup for a maximum of 12 hours, depending on the intensity of your period and the size of the cup.

7. Delete

Wash your hands. Grab the bottom of the dec up and squeeze it gently to break the vacuum. Remove the cup by wiggling it slightly up and down without letting go of the pinch. In principle, you do not need the stem for this.

8. Cleaning

Empty the cup and wash it with warm water and possibly a mild, unscented soap. When you're on the road, you can also clean the cup with toilet paper or a damp cloth. Make sure to rinse the cup with water on the next occasion cleans.

9. After your period

Sterilize the cup after each menstrual period and store it in the fabric storage pouch or breathable container.

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