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7 myths about menstruation

Unfortunately, there are many nonsensical myths about periods and everything that comes with it. We put below 7 myths about menstruation for you in a row.

1. PMS does not exist

This is probably the hardest myth about menstruation to debunk. According to a Canadian study, most women undergo no significant hormonal changes which could lead to mood swings. Yet many women feel depressed just before their period.

For the study, the urine of women between the ages of 18 and 40 was examined daily and their moods were asked. The data collected indicates that only 1 in 6 women appeared to be irritable, sad or moody before their period. They found that, with a few exceptions, there were no significant hormonal changes that could be linked to the infamous PMS mood swings.

2. Women let mayonnaise spoil during their period

This is actually believed in some countries. The myth was especially popular in France, but people were also convinced of this in Spain.

3. They also make ham go bad

In England, a nineteenth century medical journal published letters from several doctors who claimed to have seen women who… could spoil ham if they touched it during her period. Unbelievable that this myth was supported by the so-called medicine of the time.

4. And pickles

This is believed in India. Not only in rural areas, but also in cities, about 59% percent of women believe in this myth. To poke fun at this, a sanitary towel manufacturer is the expression “touch the pickle” to use on the packaging:

5. Women should live separately

In India, this myth has led to women have to eat somewhere else and even live during their period. Do not share anything with women during this time of the month.

Many women are isolated from their families during a social occasion such as food.

6. Menstruation and Appearance

This medieval line of thought implied that if you had a light flood, you would have a masculine appearance. Conversely, if you had a heavy flood, you were believed to be more likely to have a deformed or stillborn baby. Yes… horrific.

7. Menstruation has a bad influence on men

In some cultures, thanks to this nonsensical myth not allowed in temples, they are not allowed to serve food or interact with others in general.

In New Guinea, there were tribes who believed that menstruating women brought bad luck or could make others sick. There is a known case of a man who divorced his wife after seeing her lying on his bedding during her period. It is unbelievable what the effect of autosuggestion and myths about menstruation can be.

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Raise awareness by being #periodpositive

Unfortunately, many myths about menstruation still exist today, especially in less developed countries. To help breaking taboos and myths surrounding menstruation, it is important to period positive to be.

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