Menstruatiecup: hoe diep moet ik mijn cup inbrengen?

Menstrual cup: how deep should I insert my cup?

Many women who use a menstrual cup for the first time wonder how deep to insert the menstrual cup. A logical question! Read the answer below.

How deep should you insert a menstrual cup?

Most women use tampons before making the switch to the menstrual cup. You insert tampons as far as possibleuntil you can no longer push with your finger. They stay put in that place and you don't feel them if it's good.

Inserting the menstrual cup is slightly different. je folds the cup first, so he can go in easily. Then you insert the cup.

inbrengen menstruatiecup

It's a cup opens automatically when inserted at the correct height and then creates a vacuum. This keeps him in place. The position of the cup is slightly lower than that of a tampon, as you can see in the picture above.

Your menstrual cup is good if you use it does not feel sitting. Please check if cup fully opened is. You can do this by feeling the underside of the cup.

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However, every body is different. This is how the length of the vagina and the position of the cervix differ from woman to woman. It is therefore a matter of trying it out! If you feel insecure at first and are afraid that you will leak, you can panty liner wear for extra protection.

You can watch a good instructional video below:

What happens if I insert my menstrual cup too low?

If you insert your cup too low, you will feel it. Moreover, he can do not open and therefore do not vacuum properly, which will make you leak. Also, the stem sticks out, which is very uncomfortable.

What happens if I insert my menstrual cup too high?

If you insert your cup too high, you run the risk of it next to the cervix gets seated. As a result, your blood runs down the cup and it does not collect anything. This will also cause you to leak.

It is likely a little practice, but after a few times you will get the hang of it. The most important thing is that you check whether your cup is properly opened.

Practicups twee voor de prijs van één

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