Menstruatiecup stinkt

Menstrual cup: My menstrual cup smells. Read the causes.

My menstrual cup smells

Do you notice that your menstrual cup smells bad or doesn't smell fresh anymore? There are several reasons for this:

  • you got your cup not cleaned well enough.
  • You have washed your cup with aggressive cleaning products that have affected material. This creates small damage or cracks (which may not be visible to the naked eye) where bacteria can accumulate.
  • you got your cup let in longer than the maximum recommended time.
  • You put the cup away when he still moist was, or in one place the does not ventilate wellsuch as a plastic (Tupperware) container or bag. This allows anaerobic bacteria to gain the upper hand.
  • You are struggling with a vaginal infection. This can cause an unpleasant odor that is often a bit musty or fishy. If you suspect a vaginal infection, always see your doctor, even if you have no other symptoms.

How do you get rid of the strange smell?

To get rid of the unpleasant smell, it is necessary to clean your cup deep cleaning to give. We recommend that you follow the above tips ("My menstrual cup is discolored or has stains"). In addition, make sure you have your cup from now on empties on time in cleans thoroughly (without the use of aggressive cleaning products).

Does your cup still smell after this thorough cleaning? Then the smell is probably impossible to remove.

After every menstrual period

It is necessary to change your menstrual cup after every menstrual period to re-sterilize. Then store your cup in a cotton bag. Do not use non-breathable bags or containers. Your cup is then ready to use for your next period.

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