ongesteld op vakantie menstruatie uitstellen

Periods on vacation: help! Here are some tips.

Do you also feel like youalways get your period on vacation? Very annoying, because you don't want to have to worry about changing your tampon during your beach sessions or hiking trips. Not to mention leaks, stomach cramps and other annoying ailments. Below we give you some useful tips to get through your holiday as smoothly as possible.

Tips for having your period on vacation

Are you going on holiday soon and will you have your period exactly then?
Some tips:

1. Enough stock

This sounds obvious, but: make sure you bring enough menstrual products. There is a possibility that it will arrive at its destination are less readily available or that they be a lot more expensive than in the Netherlands. Be sure to put enough in you hand luggage, if your suitcase is accidentally lost or arrives late.

Even if you don't have your period, it's a good idea to take a supply with you. There is always a chance that you unexpected period becomes, or maybe even for the first time your period. So nice to be well prepared!

To make it completely easy on yourself, it is smart to purchase a menstrual cup. A menstrual cup is a super comfortable way to manage your period. You can have your cup 12 o'clock wear without changing it, even while swimming. In addition, you only need 1 where you 10 years can participate.

Read more information about the menstrual cup

Extra tip: if you take the pill, don't forget a new comic to take with you on a trip. Also extra underwear might come in handy.

2. Painkillers

Do you often suffer from abdominal cramps, headache or other complaints during your period? Then it is a good idea to take enough painkillers with you. After all, you don't know whether the painkillers you always use are easily available when traveling.

3. Hygiene

Always wash your hands before and after changing your tampon, sanitary pad or menstrual cup. Bring a bottle of water, antibacterial soap without water and wet wipes, in case you end up somewhere without a fountain.

4. Healthy food and drink

Certain foods can make menstrual symptoms worse. In particular salty food, caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks can be culprits. So try to avoid these foods.

In addition, eat as healthy as possible. Foods that can help with menstrual complaints are green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados, bananas and fatty fish. Also drink plenty of water.

Tip: also try to avoid unhealthy food on holiday when you have your period.

5. Keep moving

Often cares light movement to reduce menstrual pain. Take a nice walk, do some stretching or yoga exercises or take a dip in the pool.

If you plan on getting into the water a lot, then it's absolutely recommended to buy a menstrual cup.

zwemmen met menstruatiecup

View the menstrual cup here

6. Relax!

Don't forget to take some rest between all activities. Doing too much can make menstrual symptoms worse. Therefore take care a good balance between fun activities and moments of rest.

Preventing your period on vacation

Would you rather you delay or skip menstruation so you don't get your period on vacation? Then you can do that in different ways.

If you the birth control pill swallow, you can insert a stop week instead of go straight to your next comic. You do have a chance breakthrough bleeding. PAY ATTENTION: this is only possible with the single-phase pill. With a multi-phase pill, whether this is possible depends on the composition of the pill. Read the package leaflet or consult your doctor or pharmacy.

There are also pills that your doctor can prescribe, such as: Primolut N of Orgametril. This allows you to delay your period for up to two weeks. The downside is that there a lot of hormones are in the pills. So you can (just like with the regular pill) suffer from side effects. Therefore, always consult your doctor.

If you don't think swallowing hormones is a nice option, you can also enjoy your holiday as much as possible planning around your period or, as we said before, a menstrual cup purchase.

Changes in your cycle during your vacation

It is possible that your period on vacation is different than usual. This has several causes.

First, menstrual symptoms can worsen because you eat and drink differently (often unhealthier) then home. Also a warmer climate or a disrupted biological clock can be the cause of disrupted menstruation, cramps or bloating. In addition, stress a major culprit. The well-known suit and regulation stress before (and during) the trip can have an effect on your period.

The above things can even cause your cycle to fluctuate. For example, you can longer or heavier menstrual periods have than normal. It can also happen that you gets your period earlier or later or possibly not having your period at all while on vacation.

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Hi Practicups, ik heb nog een extra tip. Elke maand ervaar ik behoorlijke menstruatiepijn en bloedverlies, wat betekent dat ik altijd veel menstruatieproducten moet meenemen. Dit kan lastig zijn als je moet vliegen, een excursiedag hebt of gewoon wil ontspannen aan het strand/zwembad. Daarom heb ik een speciale tas-in-tas (merk: Petite Discrete) bedacht die me veel meer bewegingsvrijheid en zelfvertrouwen geeft. In plaats van een grote tas mee te sjouwen, draag ik nu een handig, stijlvol, compact tasje. Dit loop niet alleen stukken comfortabler, maar je kan de tas ook aan de deurklink hangen zodat je je handen vrij hebt om te wisselen. Ook is er ruimte voor mijn medicijnen die ik moet innemen. Ik hoop dat mensen dit onder ogen krijgen, want sinds ik mijn eigen tas gebruik, is mijn bewegingsvrijheid tijdens mijn menstruatie veel comfortabeler geworden. Overigens niet alleen op vakantie, maar ook op kantoor.


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