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My menstrual cup leaks! The causes and tips listed for you.

You have finally taken the step to try a menstrual cup, but now it turns out that your menstrual cup is leaking! Very annoying and not the way it should be. A leaking cup can have several reasons and is usually easy to fix by adjusting a few small things to the way you use the cup. We have listed some causes and tips to prevent a leaking menstrual cup:

1. The cup is not inserted correctly

However, every body is different. This is how the length of the vagina and the position of the cervix differ from woman to woman. It is therefore a matter of trying it out!

Menstruatiecup inbrengen hoe diep

The cup may not be inserted at the right height and therefore leaks. You can test whether this is the reason for a leaking menstrual cup by gently pushing the cup a little further or wiggling the cup at the bottom with two fingers.

2. The cup hasn't unfolded properly

If the cup hasn't unfolded properly during insertion, then it doesn't create a vacuum. This will cause the cup to leak. It is important to check carefully during insertion that the cup is fully opened andhas created a vacuum. Here you can read exactly how you can do this.

3. The cup has not created a vacuum properly

You can check whether the cup has been opened properly and has created a vacuum. Do this by running a finger along the bottom of the cup. If it isn't open all the way, grab the cup at the base and twist it slightly until it pops open.

4. The cup is full

You will usually feel when the cup is full and you can empty it in time. How quickly the cup fills up differs per person and of course also per day of your period.

If the cup does get too full, it can leak. During the first months that you use the cup, it is therefore advisable to empty it more often, so that you know how your period is going. You can also use a panty liner the first time you use a menstrual cup for extra security.

Menstruatiecup vangt 3-5 keer meer op dan tampon

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