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Inserting a menstrual cup: how do you go about it?


1. Choose the best cup for your body

Properly inserting your menstrual cup stands or falls with the purchase of the right menstrual cup for your body. Things like the shape, length and material are important to take into account.

It is also important that you choose the right size. Practicups immediately gives you two cups for the price of one, so that your cup always fits.

Practicups Menstruatiecup


2. Sterilize

To unwanted to kill bacteria, you should use your cup before first use and after each menstrual period sterilize. This sounds complicated, but is very simple.

You simply boil the cup like this 3 minutes in a pan of water. It is important that the cup is completely submerged and that it does not touch the bottom. For example, you can hang it in a whisk. Repeat this process after each period before storing your cup.

3. Wash your hands

Wash your hands always with soap and water before inserting your menstrual cup. So hygienic! Rinse the soap well to avoid irritation.

4. Fold

Because a cup does not naturally fit in your vagina, you fold it first. There are many different types of folding that you can try.

Most women use the C-fold (see picture). Here you fold the cup in half and then again, so that the cup looks like a C from above. Read here more ways to fold your menstrual cup.

It's important to try what you like best. The narrower you fold the cup, the easier it is to insert. Make sure you choose a fold where the cup easily opens once inserted.

5. Insertion

Okay, now it's time to actually insert the cup. Fold your cup into the chosen shape. With your other hand, hold your labia apart. Relax the muscles of your vagina and point the cup slightly backwards. Insert the cup.

Depending on the person and the course of your period, the cup will at a different height linger. However, the intention is that you have the cup wears quite low in the vagina.

Release the cup so that it pops open. The cup now creates a vacuum. This keeps the cup in place and prevents leaks.

Menstruatiecup inbrengen

Some people like to assume a squatting position when inserting. You can also put one foot on the lid of the toilet.

It could be that you stalk sticking out a bit. You can do this cut without problems. Do not do this until you are comfortable with removing the cup!

6. Check

Is the cup properly in place? Then it is important to check whether your cup is fully opened. Do this by running a finger along the bottom of the cup. If it isn't open all the way, grab the cup at the base and twist it slightly until it pops open.


Help, I can't insert my menstrual cup!

Are you unable to insert your menstrual cup properly or is the insertion painful? That's not strange at all. For many women, things don't go quite smoothly the first few times. A number of tips before inserting your menstrual cup:

  • Choose a different folding technique.
  • if your cup too stiff is to bring it in, hold it for a while under the hot tap. This makes the cup a little more flexible. Doesn't this work? Then choose a softer cup.
  • Do you notice that your cup does not open properly? Then hold it before insertion under the cold tap. This makes the material stiffer. Sometimes it also helps to take a few steps, rock your hips or jump a few times.
  • Does the cup fold correctly too early Open? Then keep it closer to the top edge vast.
  • Choose a different size menstrual cup.
  • Experiment with the height at which you insert the cup.
  • Does inserting your menstrual cup do pain or are you okay very stiff? Then you can do a little water or lubricant use water based.
  • Try the cup in different poses for example, squatting (possibly in the shower) or with one foot on the edge of the toilet.
  • Do you notice that it finds your input exciting and that you muscles too tense to be? Then take a warm shower or do something else relaxing. Then try again. Practice makes perfect!
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