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Period underwear: the advantages and disadvantages

Like any product, period underwear has its advantages and disadvantages. Period underwear has increased in popularity in recent years which translates in more reviews and experiences online. We have listed the most frequently mentioned advantages and disadvantages from those reviews for you.


Many reviews about period undies can be found on the internet. Especially about the durable aspect and the fact that they are comfortable to wear is considered a positive by many women. However, there are also some negative points, such as the  price and that changing the underwear isn't always easy when you're on the go. In addition, it can feel a bit unsanitary if you don't have the option to change.

What are the main benefits of period underwear?

Period underwear is often made of cotton and elastane, which makes it soft to wear and it stretches with the shape of the body. In addition, it is often breathable, which feels nicer than, for example, pads, which may become more sultry.

Body friendly
Menstrual underwear comes in all shapes and sizes. They are available in string form, but also as hipsters or with a high waist. Options for all body types!

You can simply wash and reuse period undies. This makes it a lot more durable than pads or tampons.

Ideal to use in combination with (for example) a menstrual cup
On heavy days of your period you might look for extra protection. Period underwear can be used well in combination with a menstrual cup. This way you use two sustainable products that both feel comfortable to wear as well.

So, what are the disadvantages of period underwear?

Wash after each use
Period underwear should be washed after each use. This means that you definitely need a number of pieces or do regular laundry during your period.

Difficult to change when you're on the go.
Of course, changing your underwear isn't ideal when you're out and about. You should at least make sure you have a storage bag and an extra pair of underwear with you.

You carry the menstrual blood with you in your underwear until you can switch to a clean pair.
This may be more of a mental threshold, but your blood will remain in the underwear until you change into a clean pair. Some women experience a psychological barrier because they are afraid to leak without a 'regular' period product.

Investment to build up a stock.
You will need more than one during your period which is a small investment. They are sustainable though and will save you money in the long run when compared to non-sustainable period products.

Not suitable for swimming.
Although there are also period undies available on the market for swimming, this is not possible with normal period underwear. You will therefore have to use a different product while swimming (special swimming underwear for during your period, a tampon or menstrual cup).

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