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Menstrual cup won't open: 9 tips that make it easier

The menstrual cup has many benefits. However, using the cup often takes some getting used to in the beginning. Do you notice that your menstrual cup does not open properly? Read below for the possible causes and 9 tips that make opening the door easier.

Menstrual cup does not open: possible causes

If your cup does not open properly, this can have several causes:

  • You use a vouwmethode where the cup cannot open properly.
  • The cup is too big.
  • You are too tense. If your pelvic floor muscles are tense, the cup will not be able to open properly.
  • The cup is te hard or right too soft.
  • you got the cup not at the right height brought in.
  • you still have to get there dexterity get in.

9 tips for opening your menstrual cup

Below we give you 9 tips that make opening your menstrual cup easier:

1. Different folding method

Use another vouwmethode. The punch down in particular is a nice fold that ensures that your cup opens easily.

2. Spin or wiggle

Rotate the cup or wiggle it slightly. Sometimes it can also help to take a few steps or rock your hips.

3. Size

Choose a smaller size. When purchasing, it is ideal to choose a company where you immediately receive two cups for the price of one, so that you can try both sizes. Some women can even use both sizes depending on the time in their cycle.

4. Relax

Do you find yourself too tense? Then go do something relaxing or take a warm shower. Then try again.

5. Soft Cup

Is your cup so stiff that it won't open? Then go for a softer cup.

6. Cold water

Do you already have a soft cup? Hold the cup under the cold tap before insertion. This makes it open better.

7. Cup height

Experiment with the height at which you insert the cup.

8. Attitudes

Try inserting the cup in different positions, for example squatting (possibly in the shower) or with one foot on the edge of the toilet.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice

Don't give up too quickly, just keep practicing! It sometimes takes a while before you get the hang of using the cup, so wait a few periods. You will see that it will get a lot better after that!

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