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Folding menstrual cups: 9 different folding techniques

Often people are in slight shock when they see a menstrual cup for the first time. Eventough a cup is barely bigger than a tampon! That is if you fold it the right way. Folding a menstrual cup can be done in different ways. We will describe 9 different folding techniques for you to try.

How do you use a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a small cup in the shape of an egg cup that you wear in your vagina during your period. When inserting the cup a vacuum is created so that it stays in place and does not leak. You can therefore exercise, swim and sleep without any problems.

Most menstrual cups are made of medical silicone. This material is body-friendly and anti-allergenic, so that your vaginal flora remains intact. In addition, menstrual cups are very soft and comfortable and you do not feel them. And because a cup collects your menstrual blood instead of absorbing it, prevents dehydration and irritations of the vagina.

You can wear a menstrual cup for up to twelve hours. If you have a heavy flow, you may need to empty the cup a little more often.

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Folding the menstrual cup

When inserting the menstrual cup, it is important that you fold the cup in a way that is comfortable for you, so that you can insert it easily and it can open completely in the vagina. If this does not happen, the cup may  not suck vacuum, which may cause it to leak and/or drop down.

Folding a menstrual cup is not difficult, but it does take some skill. There are many different folding techniques that you can use. Below we list the 9 most used techniques. It's up to you which way you works best for you. Also watch the video below (English), so that you get a good picture of all folding techniques.

How to fold the menstrual cup in 9 ways:

  1. Punch down - Use your index finger to push the edge of the cup inwards to the bottom of the cup. Then fold the cup in half. This fold is especially suitable for very soft cups, because it opens well.
  2. C-fold - Fold the cup in half and then again to create a C-shape when viewed from the top. This is probably the most popular fold and you can even do it with one hand.
  3. 7 fold - Flatten the cup completely and fold one half down so that the edge of the cup forms a 7.
  4. Double - Flatten the cup and fold one half down a bit (slightly less than with the 7-fold), and now do the same on the other side of the cup. For example, there will be a double 7 if you look at the cup from above.
  5. labia fold - Grab a piece of the rim of the cup between your thumb and index finger and squeeze. Push down towards the center of the cup and fold the sides around it.
  6. Triangle fold - Flatten the cup and fold one of the sides downwards, so that the cup has the shape of a triangle.
  7. Origami fold - This one is very similar to the punch down. Push the edge of the cup inwards with your index finger to approximately the middle of the cup and twist one of the sides of the cup around it. The cup now looks a bit like a rosebud.
  8. Diamond fold - Fold half of the rim of the cup down towards the base and roll the outsides in so that they touch.
  9. Half diamond fold - You can optionally fold the above diamond shape in half again to make it slightly smaller.


Inserting the menstrual cup

You have now seen that folding a menstrual cup is possible in different ways. However, there are other things to consider before inserting the cup.

1. Make sure you have the right size menstrual cup

Read more about which menstrual cup size is right for you in our other blog.

2. Maintain good hygiene

  • Wash your hands before inserting and removing the cup.
  • clean your cup well
  • Sterilize your cup before first use and after each period.

3. Insert the cup

Now it's time to fold the cup into your chosen shape. With your other hand, keep your labia apart and insert the cup. It is very personal at what height the cup should go. When it is at a height that is comfortable for you, let go of the cup. If inserted correctly, the cup now opens completely and creates a vacuum. Check with your fingers whether the cup has indeed opened properly. If not, turn or wiggle the cup a bit. Read here 9 tips if your cup doesn't open properly.

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You can use a menstrual cup wear for up to 12 hours. Sometimes it will be necessary to empty your cup more often. After some experience, you will know how quickly a cup fills up.

Have you already become convinced of all the benefits of the menstrual cup? Then choose a brand where you two different sizes of cups for the price of one.

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